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No Flesh Shall be Spared

No Flesh Shall be Spared

No Flesh Shall Be SparedBy Thom CarnellThis book is available in the following formats.  Please choose your preference from the drop-down menu below before proceeding to checkout. Mobi (Kindle) $4.99 ePub (Sony / Nook / iPad / Kobo) $4.99 PDF (Adobe)   $4.99 PRC (Mobipocket)  $4.99 Unabridged Audiobook - Order direct from! Set in a near future where society has dealt with the global outbreak of the Living Dead, a new highly lucrative international sport, zombie pit fighting, emerges. NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED is the story of Cleese, his recruitment and rise to supremacy in this violent world where every match could be his last. The Dead will fall. Friends will die. The question that arises is that of Cleese's fate in the ensuing mayhem. Praise for No Flesh Shall Be SparedNo one has done more for legitimizing the beauty of the horror genre than Carnell. --Clive Barker Carnell writes with the raw sense memory of a battered child and the brute muscularity of a bouncer in a bar fight. His debut novel NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED is scarred, scary, deeply disturbed, and worth every bloody minute of it. You have to read this book. You might need therapy later.--Craig Spector dubs Carnell's NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED the first novel in the new subgenre Horraction.--Craig Spector, author: Underground, To Bury The Dead; (with John Skipp) Animals, The Light At The End What happens when the inevitable zombie apocalypse finally does arrive? Does the world bow down to the masses of shambling dead? Do we run out with flame-throwers and chainsaw-bladed weed-whackers to take care of the undead horde? Well, according to Carnell, we do to them what we do to every other annoying person in the world: We put them on television for our entertainment. In this version, though, instead of putting nine of them in a single apartment for hilarity and hijinx, they're thrown into the brutal world of zombie pit fighting. Against live people. NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED is an impressive...

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