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Indefinite Renewal

Indefinite Renewal

Indefinite RenewalBy Aaron RosenbergThis book is available in the following formats.  Please choose your preference from the menu below before proceeding to checkout. Mobi (Kindle)ePub (Sony / Nook / iPad / Kobo)PDF (Adobe) PRC (Mobipocket) Nick Gordon is just a normal genetics grad student until a strange and tragic incident brings him to the attention of Daniel Sinclair and his mysterious Renewal Society. It seems the Renewed are not quite human—and they believe Nick may be one of them. Now he finds himself thrust into a macabre landscape of supernatural powers, cutthroat manipulation—and deadly consequences. Can Nick stay true to himself and find a way to make sense of a world where nothing is what he thought, and life and death themselves are mere playthings?  Indefinite Renewal is the pulse-pounding new occult thriller from Aaron Rosenberg, best-selling author of The Birth of the Dread Remora, the Daemon Gates trilogy, OCLT: Brought to Light, and other novels.

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