Stephanie Macomber

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Tales From the Southern Hotel

Tales From the Southern Hotel

Tales From the Southern HotelStories About a Girl with an Extraordinary GiftBy Stephanie N. MacomberThis book is available in the following formats.  Please choose your preference from the menu below before proceeding to checkout. Mobi (Kindle)ePub (Sony / Nook / iPad / Kobo)PDF (Adobe) PRC (Mobipocket) Mary Lou and her family live in the Southern Hotel, a historic building her father has restored and operates. They live in the 1950s, in small town Maryland. Then Mary Lou discovers she has an unexpected gift. She has dreams and visions that transport her through time, mixing her up in mysteries, fires, and every sort of adventure, all in or around the Southern Hotel she has come to love. Written when the author was just 16, this is Stephanie Macomber's first published work.  There are more tales of Mary Lou to come!

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