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Hallowed Ground

By Steven Savile & David Niall Wilson

FORMAT: Perfect Bound Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780983434856
Pages: 240
"She died," Chessie said. "She died, rose, and nearly died again. She comes. The crows know her – the crows guide her. She follows the sound of a crying child. She follows the drag of un-kept promises on her heart." – Chessie – Hallowed Ground
"They came in the night with their creak-wheeled wagons and patchwork tents, rolling down through the gulch and up the other side to pitch camp. In Rookwood, they called it 'Dead man's Gulch,' and in Rookwood, names were important.  If you walked too far through that God-forsaken, dust-drowned ditch, you were bound to drag your boots through bones.  If you felt something sharp dig into your heel, it could be a tooth taking a last bite of something hot and living. The Deacon stood in silent shadows watching their progress, occasionally glancing up into the pale, inadequate light of the waning moon."
When a man known only as The Deacon set up camp outside Rookwood, a murder of crows took to unnatural, moonlit flight.  The crows came to Rookwood; trouble soon to follow.  Things were already strange in that God-forsaken town, but no one could have predicted the forces and fates about to meet in a dust-bowl clearing in the desert.  A Preacher.  A Demon.  An Angel.  A Gunslinger.  
A bargain with the darkness was signed in blood, and broken, and as such deals usually do, it went south.  Now the fate of lost lovers, faith healers, ancient Gods and the Devil himself collide in a circle of wagons tended by the damaged and deformed, the saved and the shorn.  There's a power come to Rookwood, and this one-horse town is about to be transformed.  Such deals are only made and broken…on Hallowed Ground.
From Steven Savile, International bestselling author of Silver, The Last Angel, and The Sufferer's Song, and David Niall Wilson, Bram Stoker Award-winner David Niall Wilson, author of Deep Blue, This is My Blood, & Heart of a Dragon, comes a tale of the old west, magic, enlightenment and damnation readers have said is like Stephen King's The Gunslinger meets Daniel Knauf's Carnivale.
Steven Savile and David Niall Wilson have produced a fine entry in the burgeoning Weird Western genre.  Elegantly written, bristling with action and drama, HALLOWED GROUND is intelligent, thought-provoking, and highly entertaining.  Readers of both Westerns and horror novels shouldn’t miss it! -- James Reasoner, author of REDEMPTION, KANSAS


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allowed Ground is a clever Dark Fiction take on a Western that simply crackles with supernatural ene...

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