The Crazy Case of Foreman James

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The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs & The Crazy Case of Foreman James

A Cletus J. Diggs Supernatural Mystery

By David Niall WIlson

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Foreman James has always walked the streets of Old Mill, North Carolina, standing tall on street corners and booming his "story" to the world.  Not many know where he comes from, or where he goes - no one knows the whole story.  When an old, hand-written journal Foreman has carried since childhood goes missing, his carefully preserved world begins to crumble, and Old Mill takes notice.
When Cletus J. Diggs' buddy Jasper drops by to tell him how the crazy man was accosting pedestrians on the street, nearly got picked up by the sheriff, and drew the attention of one of the most powerful, and potentially evil men in ten country miles, Jarrod Pope, Cletus is interested.  You see, Cletus found a book that day - a very old book - and it has bits and pieces of a very personal, very dark mystery tucked into its weathered pages.
Can Cletus, investigator, common-law lawyer, journalist, ordained minister and self-taught jack of all trades unravel that mystery despite the years that separate him from it before something very bad happens?  Will Jasper ever get to go fishing?  Will Foreman get his book back - and just what happened, decades in the past, when the old peanut oil factory burned down - the Day Jarrod Pope was a hero?  Find out in the pages of The Crazy Case of Foreman James - the second Cletus J. Diggs supernatural mystery.  Welcome to Old Mill.



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Old Mill, NC, is the sort of place where nothing seems untoward - but dig a little and you'll find a...

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