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In I, Joaquin, Melvin Litton delivers a literary mix of human drama, history, passion, adventure, and action. Narrated by the spirit of Joaquin Murrieta--extant in his decapitated head--this epic tale is the life story of the bandit/hero as he roamed 1850s California, playing a dramatic and violent role in the history of the time and place. Mr. Litton masterfully blends universal themes of passion, folly, lust, and vengeance with an authentic portrayal of a time and place itself undergoing dramatic change. Joaquin is a product of history; at the same time, he makes history. A rich, literary work of great depth, I, Joaquin, just like the head of Joaquin, speaks: passionately, forcefully, angrily; and ultimately, with great wisdom.
Date Added: 03/16/2016 by Alan Wynzel