The Ravens of Falkenau

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A dazzling collection of epoch spanning tales that encapsulate a wealth of history and imagination.
Passion, endeavour, ingenuity, compassion and the endless quest for survival are all writ large in this set of stories.

Whilst about half of the tales are excerpts from other novels in the author's catalogue, and leave you demanding more, some others are complete ideas in their own right.
The eponymous opener, at a third of the length of this collection, is a consummately scripted tale of ambition, duty and honour that pulls a young boy through a turbulent military career to a delicate position as a Bohemian Count, with all the attending clashes of desires and expedience that the political framework of the time displays.

I've read some of Jo's work already (the excellent Lost Things with Mel Scott), and will definitely be looking for more by the colourful characters I've read here.
Date Added: 04/14/2013 by Darren Pulsford