Undertaker's Moon


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A tale full of violence and action - but laced with the history of Dark Ages Eire - Undertaker's Moon is a real pageturner.

Old Hickory and its denizens have a typical small town feel, and their quiet, colourful lives are rudely upset by the arrival of the new Undertaker and the carnage that ensues.

The lycanthropy is played very well in this book: from the detailed, skin crawling descriptions of the transformations, and some eye-curling gore, as well as examining the desires and urges of the afflicted ones.

Only the unlikely assortment of the four who know the full horror of what is unfolding can prevent the whole town's demise - and the gripping conclusion will leave your thirst for blood thoroughly sated.
Date Added: 01/06/2012 by Darren Pulsford