Blood is Pretty - A Fixxer Adventure


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In Hollywood, if you need something sorting, if you have a problem, if nobody else can help - you call Fixxer (not the A-Team), Marital problems, career slip-ups, personal situations - Fixxer solves all for a fee. Cool, intelligent, suave and most of all determined - with a network of contacts and friends who can supply whatever he needs, Fixxer and his sidekick Rooee make sure it all goes right.

So, when called upon to sort two little jobs: pay off some two-bit movie critic over a treatment he wrote, and help out a rising Actress with a seedy pursuer in the industry - it all sounds too easy.
Sure enough - enter a megalomaniacal Film Executive, a Reality Dream program that is too real to be safe, and a bunch of European guns for hire and Fixxer finds himself trying to unravel a kidnap plot, several murders, terrorism, blackmail and arrange a budding romance for himself.

With dark humour that takes a scalpel to the glitzy fa├žade of Hollywood pretension, a Bond-like collection of plots, gadgets and villains, crackling wit and focused morals from Fixxer, and righted by the practical help and concern of his friends; Blood Is Pretty is a thrill a minute look at the crazy goings on in Tinseltown.
Date Added: 01/06/2012 by Darren Pulsford