Hollywood is an All-Volunteer Army - A Fixxer Adventure


This Review:★★★★★

Average Rating: 5 ★★★★★

…and I thought ‘Blood Is Pretty’, the first Fixxer adventure, was great…
Hollywood is an All-Volunteer Army knocks the spots off the previous instalment of the Hollywood-based Thriller; with more than a hint of noir, plenty of intrigue, death and power, and a few knowing comic winks to the reader.

Shamelessly dissecting and satirising the folly of Tinseltown Power and the machinations that occur, Fixxer and his helpful crew return for another round of morally superior revenge, dangerous traps, derring-do and a few broken hearts. Moving on from events of the first novel, Fixxer once again embroils himself in dastardly plots with a selflessness that answers only to his desire for justice (and just possibly, to see how good he really is).

With even more sharp wit and craft than the last book, Mr Leiva has honed the cunning and confidence of Fixxer to a razor sharp focus; long asides that thoroughly detail the corrupt heart of power and misguided ventures stand side by side with daring action perpetrated by the familiar cast of well-paid assistants in the cause: Rooee, The Captain, Petey, Newsstand Mike, as well as some fresh new faces.

Unputdownable, I alternately laughed and gasped as Fixxer took me to a place of surreal brilliance, and dearly hope for more in the future.
Date Added: 01/20/2012 by Darren Pulsford