Brought to Light


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Brought to Light sees the beginnings of the exciting OCLT (Orphic Crisis Logistical Taskforce) series, detailing a loose group of experts who investigate and counter the stranger things in the world that most organisations wouldn't even know existed. With an array of top Writers contributing, this promises to be a new and thrilling series of stories.

This Novella introduces the character `RC' Reed Hayes, a clear-headed and dependable type who takes over the command of his US Army Military Intelligence squad after their first encounter with a mystery attacker goes badly wrong. Called in to look for first a missing Professor, and then the CIA Agent sent to find him, the Army squad soon find themselves up against an implacable assailant of the shadows, woven from ancient local legends, vicious and deadly. By pitting the remaining squad against the creature, the Writer draws out RC's leadership qualities and sharp instincts and sets up his transition into the OCLT group in the stories to come. Gripping and tense, Brought to Light is an exciting story that builds to a dramatic showdown.

If you like this one, check out the first full-length novel in the OCLT series, written by David Niall Wilson, The Parting, or his other currently released Novella, The Temple Of Camazotz.
Date Added: 01/06/2012 by Darren Pulsford