Alien Dreams


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Combining elements of classic Sci-Fi, a two part Fantasy and a touch of the Divine - Alien Dreams sets out as a lost persons thriller that quickly morphs, by means of intrigue, First Contact and violence, into a soul-searching tale of Man's inhumanity and the value of understanding and forgiveness.

Captain Eric Latimore and his unconscious `Brother' (an internal split personality) represent the goodness of Man that struggles against various obstacles throughout the story, as Dark human traits such as Arrogance, Ignorance, Pride and Vanity are portrayed by the race of Angels that Eric and his fellow crew discover in their dreams. The dreams quickly turn to possession and mind control, and the ensuing carnage sets Eric on a transformative path to make good the sacrifices of his Crew, and redeem the vile hunger of the Angels whilst coming to terms with the voice inside him.

Ultimately satisfying as the complex strands of emotion resolve in the form of Eric's final choice, Alien Dreams manages to convey the inherent themes within the confines of the Space Opera-like story, without becoming overtly preachy.

This book and its tone compares well to another of John's works: A Senseless Act of Beauty - which also features alien races, redemption and human struggle, both of which highlight the Author's skill in combining a good read with a series of important questions and ideas to challenge the reader.
Date Added: 01/06/2012 by Darren Pulsford