The Forgetting Wood - The Complete Hoke Berglund Stories


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The Forgetting Wood is an enchanting and dark collection of four tales that intertwine the wonder and hope of the fairytale world with the twisted and grim haunting of a troubled mind - as imagined by children's author Hoke Berglund, who discovers the frightening reality behind his creations.

The other main character in the book, Jon Sieber, falls for Hoke's daughter Kristen and becomes the unwitting hero of the piece - fighting his way through the misbegotten fell creatures that inhabit the Forgetting Wood to try and save Kristen from King Wolf.

We also meet Mr Self Affliction - a walking, snarling, cruel metaphor for the ills of the world, and more pertinently, for the guilt and loathing that Hoke feels for penning such a dark and frightening children's story, and it is this struggle of both Hoke and Jon with their belief in the tale and the Wood that plays out against Mr Self Afflictions power.

All That Remains Is You - Hoke finally delivers his sequel to the Forgetting Wood and discovers the publishers are as rampantly commercial and self-centred as ever, which leads him to find the truth behind Mr Self-Affliction and the place between time where his nightmares live.

The Fragrance Of You - Jon falls for Kristen after meeting her at her Father's funeral and is drawn into her journey to Angel Home and all its rememberings in his quest to understand her and why he is drawn to Hoke's tales.

Remembering You, Forgetting Me - moving forward seven years from The Fragrance Of You, Jon recounts his tale to a group who are not as they seem, forcing him to meet Mr Self Affliction one final time in the battle for Angel Home and the memory of Kristen.

Also featured is the bonus story: The God Of Forgotten Things - a wondrously nostalgic jaunt through the childhood memories that have to be relived one last time before being put away in the growth to adulthood. Poignant and meaningful - much like the 3 main stories.
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