The Last Angel


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An early work - The Last Angel (or The Secret Life of Colours as originally released) - is a visceral and kaleidoscopic piece of writing that batters the senses with imagery, the depth and quality of which revels in its own blinding focus.

Ostensibly a tale of redemption, the story sees Native American Cop-turned-PI Gabriel Rush battle his tortured soul for victory over the twisted malice of the Trinity Killer, a face from the past bent on revenge and hijacked by the angry heart of an Angel that witnessed a young man's death. Rush's colleagues must also fight to track down the Killer and the Watcher, a copycat of sorts, who is driven by his own very personal demons from the original killing.

Into this dazzling array of splintered hopes and shattered dreams Gabriel immerses himself into the arms of the City, New York in all its glory and described in eye-watering detail as it drags our cast of characters to and fro across its surface to a dizzying climax atop St Malachi's where it all began, three painful years ago.

Written around the same time as Outcasts, this story shares the former's Dark, haunting melodies of a fractured City, so alive beneath the façade of normality - but instead of pouring the anger and bitterness beyond the protagonist's capacity, The Last Angel offers Rush the chance to move forward with his soul and end the madness that threatens both his and the City's soul.
Date Added: 01/06/2012 by Darren Pulsford