Crossed Paths - A aTle of the Dread Remora


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Fans of Babylon 5 and Stargate novels will instantly enjoy this ripping tale - which represents but a small part of the growing Scattered Earth series (A whole new setting currently being filled out by this Author, as well as David Niall Wilson and Steven Savile). A relatively short story, this nonetheless delivers sufficient action and tension to be worth the small purchase price.

Set around the Dread Remora, in reality a fusion of two ships led by a decisive and determined crew, the story combines sharp action with detailed and original descriptions of the races that meet, as well as the mysterious and savage Meringians they are both pursuing.
The story follows on the the Birth of the Dread Remora - a much longer story that gives real insight into the ship and their crew, as well as the hope of their race as they take their first steps beyond their planet's watery atmosphere.

A Naval vessel, disguised as a Pirate ship and manned by people that can breathe both water and air is a novel premise, and the story delivers action, intrigue and humour. By setting the story to a tale of exploration by a race new to the challenges and wonders of space, the author manages to inject what would otherwise be a run of the mill space adventure with a sense of excitement and apprehension. Almost everything the ship and its crew does is new and untried - and new contacts could be friend or foe, with the prospect of powerful new alliances or yet another enemy to battle.

Whilst the story is quite straightforward, the author is content not to overload the reader with technical or emotional details and lets the storyline carry the reader forward.

New alliances (no spoiling of the plot here) and an explosive climax will leave you wanting more tales from the Ether
Date Added: 01/06/2012 by Darren Pulsford