The Second Veil - A Tale of the Scattered Earth


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The second in the Scattered Earth Tales - a collaboration with Aaron Rosenberg and Keith DeCandido thus far - The Second Veil begins with our hero Euphrankes being banished from the city of Urv for daring to show initiative that runs counter to the established ways, in a scene reminiscent of the Rush epic 2112.

What's needed is a short,sharp shock - which arrives in the form of space debris that crashes through the protective bubble of the First Veil and threatens the whole existence of not only Urv, but the whole planet too.

Euphrankes and his team quickly set out from their Outpost to rescue Urv, and a chain of events unfolds that lifts the tale from harsh repression into hope for survival, and then the grand designs of exploration as the decision is taken to send Euphrankes and his crew of the Airship Tangent out beyond the Second Veil to seek out the mythical Protectors and anyone else that may be out there. We follow the transformation of our hero and his team from dissidents to brave explorers, and an equal change in the High Council and the Priests as they learn to force off the old accepted ways for the good of their people.

Written with energy and flowing descriptions, the story combines a sound explanation of Urv's technology and history, and a unique twist on travel via Veil protected roads and Airships. Countless discoveries and events draw the reader inexorably to the point of departure as the Author weaves the threads of the story into a glittering climax.

The Scattered Earth Tales promise to be a rich universe of action and storytelling, and The Second Veil is well worth reading as you begin it's exploration. Any fans of Stargate and Babylon 5 work are well advised to read this too
Date Added: 01/06/2012 by Darren Pulsford