Cockroach Suckers


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Combining horror and humour, the fantastic and the mundane - David manages to craft a chilling tale that bristles with curiosity and the wry humour of a homespun yarn.

Set around the outer wilds of North Carolina, Bobby Lee stumbles upon the perfect money-making scheme and drafts in Jasper, his erstwhile drinking buddy (and roadside vegetable salesman, which gives him the perfect reason to sit in his rocker by the road all day), to get the craziest, creepiest attraction ready in time. It seems anyone will detour to get a good look at the World's Largest Cockroach!

As usual with David's stories - all is not what it seems - and a distinctly supernatural tinge bathes the second half of the Novella in an eerie glow that seems to pass unnoticed until Jasper decides to find out what Bobby Lee is really up to back there in that shed.

Gripping, bizarre and strangely charming - this is another great page turner from the Master of Outlandish Fiction
Date Added: 01/06/2012 by Darren Pulsford