Since the Sky Blew Off


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Writing with the aim of telling dark, bleak stories can sometimes be too tricky - there has to be some hope in there doesn't there?

Most of the corny bits of hope are skipped here - and you are left with a worryingly dystopian collection that is probably too close to the truth in it's portrayal of Man's descent once the World looks like it's not going to fix itself. Don't bother saving yourself for an ending to make you glad of our redeemign qualities - the truth is, when the world is as close to it's end as these stories make out, we're unlikely to have any!

Written with the full palette of dark colours available, there are some really great stories here, as well as two very good dramatic treatments (One excellently antique horror and one very darkly humourous political piece).

I'm hoping for more of the same when Vol. 2 appears!
Date Added: 04/11/2012 by Darren Pulsford