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Rock music, demonic forces, an Evangelist church, teenagers. It couldn't be a better mix for chaos!

From a pretty horrific opening, the plot thickens and uncoils like a smothering beastie of night and sits there, waiting as the characters come onto the scene and draw out the clues.
Before you know it - we're one ritual away from The End of All Things (well, for everyone in town, that is), and there's only a bunch of kids, a cop who doesn't get enough sleep and the determined reporter to get to the bottom of things. Oh, and the Rock Band, who are fuelled by a mix of Tequila and whimsical lyrics.

Dark, scary, powerful - this story delivers it all.

N.B. this ebook also contains a great bonus short story, featuring Nick and his friends a few years after the Maelstrom story, involved in a ghost story with more than its share of dark humour.
Date Added: 03/04/2014 by Darren Pulsford