The Crazy Case of Foreman James


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Old Mill, NC, is the sort of place where nothing seems untoward - but dig a little and you'll find all manner of hidden secrets, dark occurrences in the past and no end of quietly simmering feuds.

Cletus - Jack of all trades, local fixer if you will, takes on more than he bargains for and ends up entangled in the town's oldest and darkest unsolved mystery - one that stretches across several families and threatens to reveal some uncomfortable truths. The stakes are high, Cletus and his pal Jasper, who'd rather be fishing, must use their wits, resources and good ol' fashioned diggin' about to work their way through this one. Along the way, there's a little bit of magic, some attempted kidnapping, a few astonishing clues, and a lot of beer caps being popped in thoughtful repose.

There are some interesting characters here, some of whom pop up in other Old Mill based stories as well as one of the DeChance Chronicles. There's a certain rural-town charm and lack of polish about the place, and you get a real flavour for the simpler desires, machinations and half-baked dreams that populate these locales.

A great read, with a few clever twists, and the help of a certain Swamp witch along the way, ensure you won't tire of turning these pages.
Date Added: 02/05/2014 by Darren Pulsford