Silver Bullet - Book III of The Order of the Air


This Review:★★★★★

Average Rating: 5 ★★★★★

With a fizzle and a snap the flyers at Gilchrist Aviation are back; with another mix of plots that draw all the powers of the Lodge to the fore.

The rapid pace of technological change, foreshadowed by the retrofit of radio to the planes of the era, is an overarching theme of this book - with Tesla's inventions the cause of, and solution to many problems, and the demystifying of things once thought to be magic a clever draw that merely highlights the power of the occult (and the responsibility it carries) that our intrepid cast wield.
When they come up against opposing forces equally powerful, but far less moral about its use (well, it wouldn’t be a good story without some bad guys!) the careful use of their resources is required.

As with the previous two novels; the development of the relationships between the members of the team is key - and with the addition of Stasi, our mysterious Countess from Book II, there is greater scope for using their occult interests, and the passing and sharing of those skills.
What also continually impresses me is the attention to detail; the period-accurate costs of everything, clothing styles, social trends and 'acceptable' behaviours - you really are back there in the Inter-War Years.
Date Added: 07/10/2015 by Darren Pulsford