Steel Blues - Book II of The Order of the Air


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Book II of this great series picks up a short time after the first ended - with our heroes on hard times at Gilchrist Aviation as the Depression begins to bite. A race with a prize too good to pass up turns up, but as usual, intrigue and mystery follow hot on their heels and their plans are a constant series of adjustments and about-turns as they rely on all their skills, both in the cockpit and amongst the magic of their Lodge, to steer themselves to safety.

Following the brilliance of Book I, Steel Blues continues the detailed characterisation of the Gilchrist Team, and we learn more of their skills, and of the events of the Great War that brought them all together. We also learn of dark and unbalanced foes from the same conflict who are determined to wreak havoc. The details of the period, in the language, style and fears of the time are expertly woven into the story, really taking you back there.

This series so far is a celebration of many things: the freedom and enterprising spirit of aviation in the Inter-War period, of our characters and their independence from conformities of the times (Alma in particular attracts a lot of media attention en route simple because she is female and oughtn't to be anything other than pretty and quiet except to agree with her husband), and to their identity as flyers, friends and Lodge-members above all else.
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